General Terms
The prices on this site represent the sum of a finder's fee and a transfer fee. All items remain the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. After an item has been transferred to you, takes no responsibility for its loss or or alteration due, but not limited to: hacks, scams, theft, rollbacks, patches, bugs, accident, character/account deletion or expiration. will not replace lost items for any reason. Remember: you are paying a finder's fee and a transfer fee. If you lose your items, you must contact Blizzard for any possibility of recovery. After we've transferred the items to you, you've gotten what you've paid for. Anything that happens to the items after that is beyond our control.

We have workers delivering orders around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many orders will be delivered within minutes of the time they were placed; most will be delivered within 30 minutes. A small percent of orders will require verification and this process may delay delivery. Having a verified PayPal account, including a confirmed address and phone number are ways of hastening this process. If your order does require verification, you will be notified and sent a letter via Next Day USPS Express Mail with a confirmation number. If you haven't heard from us within 3 hours of the time you placed your order, please contact us via Live Chat Support.

By your use of the service, you represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract and are not a person barred from receiving the service under the laws of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction. If your order does require verification, you will not be issued a refund for any reason. If you are under the age of 18 we will request to speak to a parent or legal guardian to complete the verification process. Verification is normally an one-time process and it is rather costly. We are willing to accept a loss in some cases to verify a customer. For this reason we will not issue a refund. If you simply cannot wait to get your items and you've found them elsewhere in the meantime, you may request credit to use towards other items, but not a cash refund. Verification protects consumers as well as In countless instances, has been the first to notify a person of a credit card theft. Our quick response time and willingness to accept a loss to make fast contact has saved thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit card use. So, what good is it for the legitimate customers? Less fraud means lower prices. If we were to blindly deliver every order we received, we'd be drowning in fraud and would be forced to raise our prices to make the legit customers pay for the loss generated by the scammers. We hope that our legitimate customers will understand why this process is necessary and not take offense to the inconvenience. does not share personal information with other companies and does not use it for purposes other than verification.

If you have not heard from us within 3 hours, it is HIGHLY likely that you have some sort of junk/bulk mail settings on that are blocking/filtering out our messages to you. We STRONGLY recommend including a phone number, an alternate email address, and any Instant Messenger ID you may have with any email you send us if it seems we aren't responding to you. .

If we feel that your payment may be funded by a stolen PayPal account or credit card, we may request that you add and confirm a bank account, provide additional personal information, or pay by an alternate means. We may also opt to send you the mule account information via USPS Express, overnight mail to your confirmed shipping address, as registered with PayPal. accepts the following forms of payment: PayPal, Cheque, Money Order, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer, Cash.

All items we carry are for the Diablo 2 Expansion, Lord of Destruction. We do not carry Classic Diablo items.

Anti-fraud Measures
We now require that all U.S. PayPal customers include a confirmed address and phone number with PayPal payments. If we feel your order to be suspicious, we may call you and/or mail an order confirmation code to your confirmed address, as provided by PayPal. You will need this code to pickup your items. This code is usually shipped overnight express mail to avoid delay. International PayPal users are required to include an contact phone number and if we feel your order is suspicious, you will be required to pay by a means other than PayPal. U.S. customers who do not include a confirmed address and contact phone number will qualify themselves for further verification which may delay delivery indefinitely.

By placing an order with, you certify that you have read the 'Terms of Service' and you agree to them. You will not hold responsible for any items lost for any reason. You understand that you are paying a finder's/transfer fee. You understand that all items remain the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. You agree to furnish certain information: Confirmed Address with payment and a Phone Number upon requst. You certify that you are the owner of the PayPal account you are paying with. You understand that if your order requires verification, you will not be entitled to a cash refund. If you no longer desire the items you ordered by the time you are verified, you may have store credit to use towards different items.