Around the Clock Delivery
We have employees working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to bring our customers the fastest service available. If at any time you need help, just click on the "Live Chat" button in the upper left side of your screen, and a friendly chat representative will assist you. When you place an order via Paypal with us, your order will be delivered to you within 1 hour, and often within just a few minutes! Occasional orders require further verification, but they will be delivered immediately as soon as that verification is completed.  If you place an order via Echeck, delivery will commence as soon as the check has cleared. Other than those exceptions, the only thing that should delay delivery is an issue with the realms, which is very rare.  Always remember that your Paypal email address must be valid and current.

*IMPORTANT* Some of our specials require you to select specific items, so make sure you include that information when you place your order. You can do this by including a note in the "notes" section of the cart.

Delivery of Paypal Orders
You will receive an email with password and account name for your mule account usually within 1 hour after we receive payment. We have a system that keeps track of when orders are emailed out, and how long the turnaround time was. Please remember that your items will only be available when an email has been sent, and that our live support people cannot help you with in game transfer prior to this.

If you make a payment with PayPal please make sure your Paypal email address is a working email, and that you don't have any spam filters blocking our emails. You can also register on the site and check for your mule account information there.

Delivery of Larger Paypal Orders
For larger Paypal orders we may ask you to register on our site to provide us with additional information. This will help us verify your purchase, and get it shipped out to you as quickly as possible.

Overdue Orders
If you have not received your order within the 1 hour time frame, please send a single email to [email protected] Make sure you include an alternate email address we can contact you at, if you have one, and all the details of your order. Also, don't hesitate to click on the live chat button on the site to immediately speak with a representative who is eager to help you. You can also sign up on the site so you can track your mule accounts that way as well. When speaking with a live chat representative, please remember that your order cannot be hand delivered in game until it has been processed.

Meeting Online
If you've received a delivery email from us, and you want help transferring your order, you are welcome to click on the live chat button on the website. Once you've done that, a live representative will happily meet you online to help transfer your order.

Transferring your items
There are a few ways that this can be done. Here they are in order of safety:

  1. If you have two computers or are using D2loader with two copies of Diablo 2, you will have no problem transferring the item to yourself in a game.
  2. If you can't transfer by yourself, simply click on the "Live Chat" button at the top left of the site, and ask one of our representatives to meet you in a game.
  3. If you have a friend who can help you, just get him/her to log on to the mule account and transfer the items to your character in a game. DO NOT trust random people you have met on to help you transfer your $100 order. Get someone you know in real life to do this. We frequently hear about how a customer trusted their "friend" to help them transfer their order, only have their friend run off with the items as soon as they were dropped on the ground. Although it is possible to transfer alone using a stable, private game, this method is risky. If the game crashes, or if you don't get back to it fast enough, the items will be lost.