XP and Levelling Guide in PoE

Leveling your character in an RPG game is tedious, but probably the biggest factor why you keep coming back for more. There’s nothing more satisfying than to see your low level character turn to a god slowly right before your very eyes. This quick guide would show you the best areas to quickly grind and level your Exile.

It is important to take note that each area has a fixed level for the monsters. The further your Exile’s level goes from the area’s level, the less experience you get out of your runs. As a general rule of thumb, you may stick around an area for a couple levels higher than what’s set for it, but at the same time, you should prepare your equipment and whatever’s necessary to tackle the next grinding area so that you reach your Exile’s peak in no time.

We will discuss the best spots per Act:

• Act I – The Ledge: this area is a no-brainer. You just go from one end to the other. The mobs that reside in this area are not hard hitters so it’s generally safe to spam your favorite offensive skills and not focus.
o Normal Difficulty – Level 1-10
o Cruel Difficulty – Level 32-42
o Merciless Difficulty – Level 48-59

• Act II – Chamber of Sins Level 1: this is your main farming grounds once you land on Act II. The area provides you with healthy servings of mobs and 2 sets of magic monsters. The area is pretty tight too so AoE skills would work best if you want to go through the area quickly. Be wary of the Poison Gas though from slaughtered monsters; keep a finger ready on your Health Flasks.
o Normal Difficulty – Level 16-23
o Cruel Difficulty – Level 38-49
o Merciless Difficulty – Level 52-65

• Act III – City of Sarn: go through the area, use the Waypoint to town, rinse and repeat. That’s how the cycle will go for this area. Solid equipment would be necessary for this area because of monsters that can trap and use Ethereal Knives which could hurt you pretty badly.
o Normal Difficulty – Level 22-30
o Cruel Difficulty – Level 41-52
o Merciless Difficulty – Level 55-68

• Act III – the Docks: the branching paths can slow your run, but given the magic monsters that thrive in this area, the experience plus loot that you can acquire by going through the area repeatedly is beneficial for your Exile.
o Normal Difficulty – Level 28-37
o Cruel Difficulty – Level 45-55
o Merciless Difficulty – Level 55-70

The Catacombs and the Library are popular end-game levelling spots as well, but given their structure, you would often lose your way and hit a dead end, so back tracking would be done quite a lot. The experience and drops offered though are very good for these two areas so it should be worth your time, unless you’re in a complete rush to hit Level 70.

The areas mentioned above are in no way mandatory, and should just serve as a quick guide how to go through the game. You are free to explore other areas and get a feel for each area. Hang out on other areas that you feel comfortable with and experiment.