What RPG Gamers Need to Know About Path of Exile

What gamers are looking for these days in online role playing games these days are the combination of a loot-driven action role playing game like with Diablo, but combined with a more sophisticated character progression system as well. Some see this as tedious, while others consider such a balance to be online RPG heaven. That seems to be what Path of Exile is aiming to be, and players have been raving about it for quite some time now.

The developer of this game, namely Grinding Gear Games, understand the power that the action role playing game genre truly has, and yet also knows just how it needs new features and mechanics to make it fresh and new. At first glance, the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the game reflects the setting, which is then filled by some of the most gruesome characters you'll ever come across. Wraeclast is a place of dread and dissonance, and that's only the exterior that hides the slaughter and devastation of gameplay beneath.

The storytelling in this game comes through not just the dialogue, but also the environmental design. The setting of Wraeclast as a place of exile, where the forbidden and the forgotten are left there to rot, speaks much of the desperation and despair that your character must survive and eventually thrive in. The friendly people that you do get to meet in the game play their roles in the story and help you in the game as vendors and such. Grinding Gear Games does its best to tease future bosses through various degrees of foreshadowing in order to build some anticipation for what's to come, like with the sorceress Piety. Of course, even with all of the narrative you can get from the text and such can't be as effective as meeting her in the flesh and having to get past the fountains of blood in her chambers.

Certainly, Path of Exile can have all the story it can ever tell, but it will never be of any worth until you actually go out in the field to kill monsters and getting experience points, as well as PoE items. You have to finish quests and kill bosses to really feel just how good Grinding Gear Games has made this game to be. The gameplay is comparable to the likes of the Torchlight and Diablo franchises, and yet it offers so much more in its complexity and innovation. The action role playing game genre has had years of relative stagnation, and Path of Exile is one of the first to really step beyond the perceived boundaries of the genre through its skill development system, in-game trade and economy, and so on.

From the passive and active skill systems, the Path of Exile items used as currency that replaces the use of gold found in most RPGs, and any other innovations in gameplay, Path of Exile offers more than just a Skinner's box of grinding delight. What we have here is a game that is now in open beta that is sure to keep you engaged in ways that other action RPGs cannot. This is truly rewarding gameplay that is definitely outside the proverbial box.