What Items are NOT worth Picking up in PoE

As you play Path of Exile, you would pickup truck loads of Path of Exile items, flasks and equipment. Determining which ones are valuable and should be taken home from junk is vital due to the limited inventory space. Failing to sort the items properly often causes you to miss on good equipment, which could hinder or slow down your Exile’s build progress.

This article should help you determine quickly what’s worth keeping, probably for trade or specific meta, and what should be dropped and ignored:

• Scrolls – a few such Portal Scrolls would be necessary, but the Scroll of Wisdom and everything else should be totally ignored. A single Scroll of Wisdom can be traded for one Scroll Fragment and these Fragments can be used to trade for low level equipment up to Level 6. As you can see, these are only necessary for newly created Exiles.
• Non Quality Flasks – your Exile needs only a handful of Blue such as Sacred Mana Flasks or Quality Flasks to survive the game. Everything else should be discarded or ignored whenever you are running through an area to farm or grind for experience.
• Non Quality Gems – Any Gem with at least 6% Quality can be easily traded for a lot of things. Demand for Gems is always present and sorting through the Gems you acquire would be a good idea.
• Blue/Magic Equipment – These should only be considered if you need spare pieces of equipment since you don’t have the ideal Rare or Unique piece yet. Picking up a whole stash of Blues is not really ideal, the space should be reserved for Rares and Uniques.
• Equipment with Links – a piece of equipment with 3 Links, of Red, Blue and Green color can be traded for Chromatic Orbs which is considered extremely valuable. Remember to stay away though from equipment with poor or very few Links as they won’t fetch a good trade more often than not. Examples are equipment with 2 Links only or all Red Links.
• Low level and Obsolete Uniques – Unique pieces of equipment that has low level requirements should be just traded or discarded. They may help out beginners for levelling up but their usefulness easily goes out as the character levels up.

Obsolete Uniques refer to the Unique items that are present since the beginning of the game or from an old specific patch. Examples of these are Heatshiver (Hood), Sin Trek (Boots) and Chernobog’s Pillar (shield). Most people agree that the stats for these are outdated and easily eclipsed by the recent Unique items that were included in the recent patches.

Hopefully these pointers should help you sort the hundreds of items that will come your way in Path of Exile.