What is Path of Exile Ascendancy?

Perhaps it was to be expected that there would be a new expansion dropping on November, but perhaps few had expected this one to be so game-changing. Patch 2.2 comes with Ascendancy, which adds in tons of new content, including new classes and Path of Exile items that will surely have players scrambling to come up with new builds and ways to play. There are also new areas that bring new challenge to the already brutal dungeon crawling experience.

The Lord's Labyrinth

Grinding Gear Games added The Lord's Labyrinth, which is a whole new way to get sliced, diced, and pureed in the game. This area is unforgiving, especially to those who die in it. When you get killed in the labyrinth, you have to go back from the start, and there are no exceptions. But if you do manage to complete the area, you stand to gain some pretty big rewards like new item enchantments, gems, exotic PoE items, and a whole new specialized Ascendancy class.

New Traps

There are now 6 new traps included here that show up in various combinations. These combinations depend on what labyrinth is generated that day, and it should almost always be a surprise. Whether it's sawblades with spike traps or pools of lava rising unexpectedly, it's different each day. It's meant to be random so even the developers wouldn't know what to expect.

This is a major part of thier plan to make this labyrinth a different one each day, although the layout should remain mostly the same. Players will be able to learn what the layout is, but they'll have to figure out and communicate where the traps are each day in order to find a way to finish it, almost like a daily puzzle of sorts. This makes the game have something that's fresh every single day, even for those who may be tired of playing other parts of the game.

Rogue-like Element

This new labyrinth brings a roguelike element to Path of Exile, which is unprecedented in most of the action role-playing genre. To add some sort of randomness to the labyrinth itself, from the rooms to the switches, keys, traps, and so on means that no matter how good a player and his character get, there will always be challenge to overcome.

This adds a whole new dimension to the dungeon crawling aspect of the game, and it's safe to say that more will come soon. The traps, branching paths, secret passages, and permadeath are certain to keep players on their toes and not get complacent with their runs. This is not your usual dungeon crawler; this will get your adrenaline pumping.

Ascendancy Classes

Of course, the last is definitely not the least. One of 19 Ascendancy classes can be unlocked after finishing the labyrinth. The purpose of the Ascendancy classes is the make character builds play even more distinctly, adding even more end game possibilities. You get Ascendancy classes like the Saboteur, Slayer, Necromancer, Gladiator, Deadeye, Champion, and so on, all ready for those who are willing to take the plunge.