Types of Ancestral Warchief Build You Can Try

Exiles who have Ancestral Protector builds eagerly await for the Ascendancy Content Expansion due on June 3, 2016. Aside from the new Items, Rewards and Endgame Labyrinth, the expansion brings them a higher tier of skills which should raise damage output. One of them is the Ancestral Warchief.

Ancestral Warchief allows players to deal AoE damage and amplify the Melee Physical Damage. Quality can further boost the skill’s potential by adding 1% of Increased Totem Damage (e.g. 20% Quality equals 20% Increased Totem Damage). It also includes at least 8% Increase Totem Damage while this skill is active. The damage dealt by the AoE are not clear yet, but early details suggest that the percentage should begin at 110. And let’s not forget this skill adds 50% Totem Placement Speed which is a very welcome boost for all Totem dependent builds.

Not only does this give the Exile an easier time clearing mobs and dealing damage, Exiles who are capable of laying multiple Totems would benefit from the Ancestral Warchief’s corresponding multipliers for the Totem Placement Speed. This gives players more options on how to tackle the more difficult parts of the game. Solo quest missions would be easier now too, given this skill’s additional layer of option and strategy.

If you are not sure which Exile builds would gain the most out of this skill, check some of the most popular (and tested) builds below:

Dual Flame Totem Build – cheap yet effective build. Offensive affixes on equipment required for this build revolves mainly on Fire, Spell and Elemental Damage. Other supporting affixes that can help raise the lethality of this build are Increased Cast and Projectile Speed. The cornerstone skills for the Dual Flame Totem Build are Flame Totem, Faster Casting, Fire Penetration (allowing the user to tackle targets with Fire Resistance easily) and Elemental Focus. Reflect Damage is also not an issue in this build which makes it ideal for both new and veteran Exiles.

Dual Spark Critical Totem Build – if you favor Lightning and Critical damage, then this is the build for you. Unique PoE items are not required for this build as well, although acquiring Call of the Brotherhood would raise the build’s overall effectiveness (15-25% Increased Lightning Damage, 30-40% increased Mana Regen), as well as Maligaro’s Virtousity for the Crit and Evasion boost. This build was tested several times against Atziri and was proven effective.

Elemental Buzzsaw Build – a build which began just recently. The build shows high DPS and cheap requirements for Path of Exile items, however the build’s maximum potential have not been explored yet.

There are several Hybrid Totem builds as well available for Exiles to try and experiment with. Some have tried Dual Flame with Crit and seemed good enough, however, it is suggested to try either Dual Flame Totem or Dual Spark Critical if this is your first Totem build. Path of Exile’s gameplay and system is free flowing anyway and you may decide later on if the build is not for you.