Top 3 PoE Marauder Builds

Marauders are classified to be the tanky, beef class in Path of Exile. His melee attacks vary from heavy damage single target to massive area of effect or AOE attacks which is crucial to solo gameplay and grinding. Marauders are not limited to offensive Path of Exile items and skills though, his repertoire includes shouts and cries that help him and the party through sticky situations.

The focus of this article is popular builds that you may follow for your Marauder. These builds are discussed below:

2-Hand Cyclone Build

- Beginner friendly
- Great survavibility via Leech and Life Gain
- Spamming Cyclone renders your Marauder immune to Stun
- Equipment Required: Kaom’s Primacy or any weapon with similar DPS
- Levelling/build:
i. Use whatever skills you desire at the beginning, but Ground Slam and Leap Slam would be recommended for easier grinding and mob runs
ii. Use Cyclone at level 50+ although you may begin as early as Level 30-35 if you wish
iii. Kaom’s Primacy is ideal at level 50+, but you may start looking at other weapons towards end game grinding
iv. Skill Build: acquire Warrior’s Blood and work your way to the right to get Master of the Arena, Art of the Gladiator, Berserking and Sentinel

Molten Strike Build

- Perfect balance of offense and defense (1h weapon + shield option)
- Offense mainly depends on projectiles
- Dragons can be incorporated to the build further boosting damage by 50%
- Equipment Required: Doryani's Catalyst or any weapon with similar DPS
- Levelling/build:
i. For the 1h weapon + shield build: build up towards Life and Armour picking up Warrior’s Blood, Solidity, Lava Lash, Juggernaut, Barbarism, Arsonist, Resolute Technique and Bloodless. Work down the tree as well towards Iron Grip and learn Defiance.
ii. For the 2h weapon build: build up towards Life and Armour, but skip Solidity and acquire Unwavering Stance. Get the other skills mentioned above and work down the tree towards the Iron Grip path and get Destroyer in the process.
iii. For the 2h axe build: similar to the 2h weapon build but nab Golem’s Blood instead of Destroyer.

Incinerator / Atziri Farming Build

- Cheapest build to date to farm Atziri for currency late in the game
- Best for solo runs, but also great for party runs
- Great survivability with 6k life + Armor nodes + Regen and Leech benefits
- Equipment Required: Cloak of Defiance and Doryani's Catalyst
- Levelling/build:
i. Ice and Flameblast + Spell Echo early game
ii. Learn Versatility and Hard Knocks
iii. Get as much INT as possible after acquiring Spell Echo
iv. Armor should focus on Life, Resistances and Mana
v. Weapon could be the Doryani’s Catalyst or anything similar
vi. Rings and Amulet could be the same as your armor

Hope these builds help you get the most out of your Marauder!