Path of Exile: Things to Look Forward to in 2015

The year 2014 was pretty successful for Path of Exile, with two mini-expansions and various other additions, improvements, and events that made the game even more exciting. It has been more than a year now since the game had been officially released and a number of years since the beginning of its development, and it is still being worked on by Grinding Gear Games to make it even better and to keep its loyal players happy, which bodes quite well for the year 2015.

Perhaps the biggest thing to start off the new year is the introduction of the new PvP modes, which has changed the game tremendously. There is now yet another competitive outlet for serious Path of Exile players who only had racing and challenge leagues before this addition. But now that PvP is now a prominent part of the game, players can now work towards having full PvP character builds and strategies that can be developed and employed over time in their quest for dominance. While some other action role-playing titles have yet to add their own balanced PvP mode, Path of Exile now has it in full swing, so those who want to fight against other players can do so now in full force.

As for features that are yet to be added in, the new year has a lot slated for the game. First of all is Act 4 of the story, which will be released sometime in early 2015. This is the second half of the big update that had players excited when 2014 was about to end. It's another game changer that will change the way players level up their characters and go through the story. The new act is set to add more lore, quests, Path of Exile items, and other sorts of content to keep the game fresh, which should be good whether you're a veteran who is curious about how the story of Wraeclast develops here or a new player who is just getting into the game recently.

There are also the upcoming expansions, and Grinding Gear Games have hinted at their next one being the biggest yet. This huge update will include Act 4 along with it, so the developers are really going for a reasonable volume with Act 4 included to go with the new story and features. An estimated release date that seems reasonable is on March, if not earlier. It should go well with the expansions that were previously released, namely Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters.

Path of Exile reportedly gained 7 million new players throughout 2014 while already having a significant player base, which holds good news for the developers who have not stopped improving the game even after its official release. Many other online games would have already stagnated at this point, but Path of Exile is still going strong. Content updates, patches, and other developments are soon to follow, with all details on the official Path of Exile forums.