Path of Exile: The Breach League: Builds, Gems and Mobs

The Breach Challenge League is available as Standard and Hardcore leagues, and players can create these breaches to slay monsters within them. For new players starting the Breach League, one of the burning questions is what kinds of builds will emerge as being the most advantageous to invest time and energy on.

When starting a new league, most players start by playing the builds they’ve already developed and are familiar with. The top builds may be focused around new Path of Exile items, based purely on novelty, as players want to become familiar with new gear and learn new strategies.

Blade Vortex makes it better to keep several blades on hand. Additionally, cast speed and duration will be useful, considering the rebalancing that the latest update carries with it. However, getting enough attack speed to move through the map quickly, regardless of the number of Path of Exile items you may accumulate along the way, may be an issue.

Necromancer would be an interesting build, considering that it comes with several advantages, including plenty of cast speed. It gives a viable amount of stats to start with, and a Necro support paired with a Raider Queen of the Forest Cyclone character would also be a formidable combination. The Necro would complement the Cycloner by giving plenty of damage to one-shot packs.

Vaal Spark is a controversial build for the Breach League. Being unable to take full advantage of Shaper, it is limited, to say the least. Vaal Spark has also been nerfed, with a reduced duration applied in Perandus, and the Sparks themselves having lost their effect. However, Vaal Spark is a speedy build, affording players the ability to quickly and efficiently acquire plenty of PoE items and currency in a Dried Lake run.

As far as the Vaal Breach itself, it is a Vaal spell that creates a portal at your current location. Since it is a Vaal spell, support gems such as the Faster Casting Support can affected it. Vaal Breach does not level up as it cannot gain experience. The gem is intended for use in support builds that use the ring. It can be sued to gain flask charges and for builds such as Wormblaster.

Breach mobs grant experience points, drop maps and Vaal souls when killed, so long as the Vaal Breach gem is not what spawns the Breach mobs to begin with.

As for bonus packs, Vaal breach appears to be meant to give players some control over when they acquire breach bonuses, not the bonus packs themselves.

The leagues start on December 2, offering 40 challenges and rewarding players with Breach-themed microtransactions after hitting milestones at 12, 24, and 36 challenges completed.

When leagues are completed, characters and their respective stashes are transferred over to the Standard and Hardcore permanent leagues from which they originated. However, characters that die while in the middle of the Hardcore Breach league are transferred over to the Standard league, and not the Hardcore permanent league.

We should expect interesting developments as more and more players give the Breach League a try.