Path of Exile Talisman Challenge Leagues

It has come once again, even as the year 2015 is about to end. It has been a great year for Path of Exile, but Grinding Gear Games hasn't stopped just yet as the Holiday season approaches as they come out with Content Update 2.1.0, which has tons of new stuff like PoE items for the game. One of those new additions is a set of Talisman Challenge Leagues that will surely get players excited, as well as new Path of Exile items as well.

The Talisman Challenge Leagues contain 32 challenges that you must complete. When you do, you will be award with pieces of the Rigwald Armour Set by reaching different sets of the completed challenges. When you get them all, you get a fantastic armour set that looks fantastic. Each threshold consists of 7 challenges, so you need to complete 28 of them to get the whole set. You can also be awarded pieces of the Talisman Challenge Totem at the following thresholds: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32.

These challenges are a list of things you need to complete, from killing a list of bosses and unique monsters to reaching certain reputation levels with various NPCs and even making use of certain currency items. The good thing about joining challenge leagues is that it stretches your ability to play the game in a way that makes you practice more of what you already do and learn more about what you don't tend to do.

By the end of it, whether you completed them all or not, doing your best in completing the challenges helps you become a better and more complete Path of Exile player. It goes hand in hand with race leagues since both are about testing your knowledge of the game. For those who want to get more into the game, this is a great way to increase the enjoyment of playing and keep you from getting bored.

Of course, the problem with most online role-playing games is that there's only so much content you can go through before you've actually done everything you can and played all the character classes and builds before you've actually run out of things to do and quit to move on to other games. That's exactly what happened during the mid to late 2000's when online RPGs

That's not to say that Path of Exile is trying to keep you from playing other games, but it does its best to keep the game fresh and give you a reason to log back in, whether you're a casual player or a hardcore fan. Challenge leagues are pretty good fun and can go with race leagues, and the Talisman Challenge League made it sweeter with the Rigwald Armour Set.

If you are willing to give it a shot, you can do so now with the Talisman Challenge League and perhaps join future challenge leagues as well to experience more of Path of Exile for yourself.