Path of Exile Soulthirst Season

It's time again for yet another new race season in Path of Exile. This time, it's the Soulthirst season, named after the unique belt that's being made of it. They've also stated that "Soulthirst" may not be the permanent name and that it may change, but let's call it Soulthirst anyway. It takes a lot from the previous Emberwake and Bloodgrip race events in that they were also themed after specific Path of Exile items.

Along with Soulthirst, they may also include a new "Headhunter" race type for this season to mix things up. Another good news is that dead characters are fully eligible to receive prize points in this and future races, so you can still have a chance even after dying. But of course, you'll still lose experience points upon dying in higher difficulties, so it's not totally a cop-out. You may get a reprieve from now on, but not that much.

The points awarded for hitting certain levels have now been adjusted, as well as other balance changes in favor of the lesser performing classes in races so that players have equal chance of winning, regardless of class choice. The points system in itself has also been updated so it's now more proportional to the entirety of the race. The developers must have noticed something in previous races, with one class winning most of it and some other classes don't win much at all.

As for special races, there should still be the Descent races, but there are also some Endless Ledge and Descent: Champion races to be brought in due to popular demand. They will have plenty of changes, but it won't impact how people remember them. Aside from that, boss races are now fixed seed for everyone, but they won't have revealed maps. Also, the seed will be different for each boss race.

There is also yet another return this season—the BLAMT races. They might run a 24-hour BLAMT boss-kill race with very high point rewards for really hard boss kills. They're adding more and more insane mini-events in each season to really ramp things up and have the players who are raring for a challenge excited. Due to all of these extra points to be had, it's now much easier to win alternate art unique PoE items rewards than ever before.

They're now considering changes to the scheduling of the race-of-the-day system into a more asynchronous one, wherein players can get into solo non-signature races at any time of the day. Along with that are even more new race types in the future, once the developers can turn some of the ideas they have now into something more tangible, and there already are some in the works as we speak.

It seems that this race season is going to be a very eventful one for everyone in Path of Exile. As Halloween approaches and the end of a wonderful 2015 nears, Grinding Gear Games hasn't stopped at picking up speed and already looking ahead to the new year.