Path of Exile Second Mini Expansion

When Path of Exile's first mini expansion Sacrifice of the Vaal was first released, it proved to be very successful as the new storyline and features added did enhance the gameplay experience. Subsequent months with various events and patch updates helped make it better and acclimate players to the new stuff in the expansion. Over four months later, it seems that Grinding Gear Games is set to make PoE players excited once again with a new mini expansion.

As with what they did for Sacrifice of the Vaal, the details for this new expansion is being put under wraps for now. Grinding Gear Games is planning to reveal more details as the projected release date draws near, which should be around mid-August. As of now, they have announced their pre-release schedule so that people know what to expect in the lead-up to the release of the new expansion.

For the first few weeks, they will be releasing teaser screenshots and other teaser content that show some of the new things that are being added into the game through the expansion, including things like new areas and Path of Exile items. The definite release date will then be announced around this time so that people will know when to expect it and make the necessary preparations in and out of the game for it.

After this, they will then post their first in-depth article about the expansion that will cover as much of the information as they can fit in. More information on it will then be announced through Grinding Gear Games' press partners over the coming weeks, and they will be linked to the main articles on the Path of Exile official forums. Since they have been working on it for quite some time now, the development team are certainly excited to finally share information on the upcoming expansion.

Grinding Gear Games will also be updating their Development Manifesto and will discuss it with the community in order to show the motivations and specific details behind various changes to it that will affect how they will continue to develop for Path of Exile. The team had always been open and accommodating regarding their design and development philosophy behind this game, and their continued support for it has made the Path of Exile community one of the most open and active in all of gaming.

Once the expansion has been released, there will also be new challenge leagues for players to participate in. These new challenge leagues will feature new mechanics and challenges that will force participants old and new to adapt and improvise for them to thrive and fight for final standings. For now though, there are a pair of one-month leagues being run until the end of August 9 in New Zealand time.

It is a very exciting time for Path of Exile players from all around the world as the game is about to get even bigger than before, as if it isn't already big enough. The regular addition of new content keeps the game fresh and engaging for both old and new players.