Path of Exile PvP Features

One of the more exciting parts of MMORPGs that seems to not get covered enough is player-vs-player combat. It doesn't get enough attention in the media mostly because of how different it is from other genres like first person shooters, MOBAs, and real time strategy games in terms of the preparation and mechanical skill required to be good at it. Not a lot of people find clicking on other player characters and spamming potion and skill hotkeys to be stimulating enough, but the newer games do require a good bit more mechanical skill and game sense to come out on top. This is perhaps when PvP can now truly shine, especially in a game like Path of Exile.

Grinding Gear Games has been working hard to come up with a PvP combat system that would work well and be considered balanced by the dedicated players in Path of Exile. It's quite a tall order, which is why it hasn't been implemented yet. In fact, for any online RPG, the challenge of establishing a good PvP system in a game poses without being a source of consternation for the players is nigh herculean. However, that's also why this is a topic worth discussing about since Grinding Gear Games does listen to most constructive feedback from the community, and it's a chance to have PvP be implemented the way that everyone generally wants it.

There are already various hardcore leagues and events in the game, but players still await PvP ladder rankings that will add a more serious competitive element to it. Every serious Path of Exile player would want to see how they measure up to the rest of the player base and know about their progress over time, so a proper ranking system in PvP is definitely something that will have to be implemented. That would make PvP character builds more prevalent, which are challenging to level up and will give incentive to those who were patient enough to do so as it will enable such characters to be effective in PvP.

The latest update in Path of Exile's PvP is the development of two key features, which are Dueling and PvP Tournaments. With Dueling, you can challenge another player into an immediate PvP match, which is kind of like that in Borderlands. It can be used to test your character's build and Path of Exile items with other guildmates, or just demand satisfaction from another player. As for PvP Tournaments, they are scheduled events like races, wherein players are matched up and made to fight in a tournament bracket to determine a winner through various formats, either at a time limit or a race to certain number of wins in each match. These tournaments are organized into Seasons to determine who becomes the best in each.

It has been announced that these features will soon be implemented, and it should make for some excitement for players who are looking forward to something more than just the usual PvM grinding and questing. With Path of Exile's release, there is now need for a PvP mode in the game more than ever as most gamers who play Path of Exile seriously are those who have been around for quite a while, so having something like this should appease them and give yet another dimension to this already deep gameplay experience.