Path of Exile Proposed Scion Builds

What set Path of Exile from all the other online RPGs out there is how much the developers Grinding Gear Games is involved with the game and the community. Their involvement and enthusiasm for their work extends to how the game is played, and it has not dimished with the recent full release of the game. In fact, it seems like they've only gotten more eager as they had proposed various builds for the new prestige class, the Scion. Due to the complexity that is possible with this new class, Grinding Gear Games have given their theories and ideas on how it can be played.

These builds they've come up with show the different dimensions that are possible with the Scion. From glass cannon-like offensive capabilities, to rock-hard defense, and even tricks and traps for very flashy gameplay, these builds are meant to show the Scion in all of her glory as a prestige class with great potential.

Discharge Scion

This one is more on nuking damage to kill foes in one fell swoop. With the use of Voll's Devotion and Ice Spear to generate charges, the Scion can then build it up and do a great Discharge to deliver incredible damage. This idea could be improved with the use of Blood Rage to create a Tri-Element exploder, which is just as awesome as it sounds. You can also take the passive keystone Conduit to become more useful in a party since it lets you give the charges you build up to your allies. While the concept seems quite good on paper, this build will need a lot of passives to work, so it will require lots of planning beforehand. You need to get bonus charges and reduced Aura costs to really make it powerful.

Elemental Hit Scion

Here is a more tanky build that turns the Scion into a more defensive character that uses Elemental Hit. Three defensive skills form the cornerstones of this build, namely Molten Shell, Arctic Armor, and Tempest Shield. With the Scion being such a versatile character, you can proceed to the Ranger tree and take a good number of projectile specific nodes, along with accuracy, attack speed, and the Ondar's Guile keystone that will give your Scion a significant boost. The Path of Exile items required for this build are heavy ones involving Strength and Intelligence for lots of armor and a heavy shield to form strong defenses.

Trap Scion

Here is a build that will turn your Scion into a rogue-like character. If you're more into dodging and being nimble in combat, then you can make use of this build and gather up Evasion gear to go with Iron Reflexes to turn evasion into armour. You'll get a ton of defense this way, making you better against big mobs of enemies. In order to defend yourself better against them, you have power trap passives to keep your traps from being damaged. This lets the Scion throw tons of traps and cause mayhem and mischief against monsters. You can also equip the Sunburst unique belt to have the traps explode after a short duration, and you can also use a quick Lightning Warp skill for nigh instant teleportation.