Path of Exile Physical Crit Spectral Throw Scion Guide

Among all the character classes in Path of Exile, the most malleable one would be the Scion, the game's so-called prestige class. There is indeed some prestige to be had with making use of her unique position on the passive skill tree and other qualities that make her such a fun class to play around with. This character build right here is for making use of her as a damage machine, getting up to 87K DPS with an active skill known as Spectral Throw.

The Spectral Throw kind of looks like your character is throwing bananas around, which kind of lend to its humor and aesthetics. While this is no longer a top-tier build anymore in Awakening, it doesn't take away from its viability as a great build for anyone looking for a character that can go through maps really fast due to insane movement and attack speed. This build is all about speed and destruction, so be prepared if you wish to make use of it.

Aside from being really fast and great against some bosses, it can also run most map mods and can do reflect mods. Then of course, there is just the sheer fun of playing this character build, especially if it has been well-executed. Mind you, it does get a bit expensive since your Path of Exile items have to somehow be in most tip-top shape and you have to be good at kiting too. Also, you may find it hard to overcap resists since you will most likely be using Maligaro's Virtuosity.

But perhaps the three biggest things that go against this build for those who are really serious are that it doesn't have a lot of life, which means it is not very good for hardcore and it's not the best you can get for the end game. The Spectral Throw builds in Path of Exile seem to have taken a bit of a blow, but that is just how the game goes over time. At the very least, if you are still in for sheer map clearing speed, then you may still find this to be interesting nonetheless, despite what you might think now due to the disadvantages.

Aside from the aforementioned Maligaro's Virtuosity gloves, you may also want to get the Lightning Coil or Daresso's Defiance as your armour. You can also have the Rat's Nest on your head and some rare evasion boots of some kind on your feet. However, one of the most important PoE items for this build is a good rare dagger as it can mean the difference between being able to certain mods or not. For this, Bino's Kitchen Knife and/or another powerful and rare physical dagger are recommended.

Spectral Throw is still a community favorite, despite falling a bit in favor of other physical builds once Awakening arrived. Whether you are now thinking twice about it or are still considering it, do know that the Spectral Throw Scion is still a force to be reckoned with as long as the player is capable.