Path of Exile Pathfinder Ascendancy Class

With March 4th fast approaching, the new Path of Exile expansion, Ascendancy, is almost upon us. The game is about to get even bigger than ever due to all the new content and changes that Grinding Gear Games is putting into the already expansive game. Through the new Ascendancy classes, you can have even more customization and role-playing options. Here we discuss more of the third spec for the Ranger called the Pathfinder, and it's definitely a fascinating one.

As one of the nineteen total Ascendancy classes specified for each of the seven basic classes, the Pathfinder lets Rangers become masters in the more utilitarian aspects of combat. She is a hunter who uses nature to her advantage, so her skills emphasize elemental damage and resistances, as well as making your flasks more useful. This makes the Pathfinder a good Ascendancy class to aim for when your build and Path of Exile items are all about harnessing the elements.

Nature's Boon protects the Pathfinder by reducing elemental damage taken by 5%, as well as give your flasks a Charge every 3 seconds, making it great for boss fights when you really need your flasks over a longer period of time. Master Fletcher gives 10% extra physical damage of a random element, as well as damage penetration to 10% of enemy elemental resistances, making your offense more effective.

Master Alchemist gives 30% increased elemental damage, dispels elemental status ailments on flask use, and 50% chance to avoid elemental status ailments when using Poe Items like flask. When combined with the right passive skills, your flasks become complete immune to effects like Burning Ground.

Nature's Adrenaline grants 15% increased movement speed and 20% increased attack speed upon using a flask. This is great when you have long duration flasks, and they can also be restored by Nature's Boon and others. Master Herbalists lets you poison enemies when you use a flask, thus being able to do more damage over time to multiple enemies that can replace the Poison support gem, thus letting you replace it with a different gem.

Master Surgeon improves life recovery from flasks by 30%, as well as removing bleeding effect on flask use and 20% chance for flasks to gain a Charge upon hitting a critical strike, thus improving your survivability a great deal if you happen to have a unique flask like the Vessel of Vinktar.

As you can see, the Pathfinder is the survivor among the three Ranger Ascendancy classes. While not as offensively focused as the Deadeye and the Raider, you may find the Pathfinder to be quite a good class for you if you're into being able to play for the long haul, which is great for the Hardcore leagues.

This is quite a leap for Path of Exile even after it has already had so much added to it by Grinding Gear Games. It does give players more reasons to stick around so that they can go through all of the new interesting stuff that they can play with now. If you're all about finding out how far you can go with a game, then it should be a great time to get into it once the Ascendancy expansion is released.