Path of Exile - Lightning Cleaver Marauder Build

With a name that slides off the tongue quite nicely, the Lightning Cleaver Marauder is a build that has great potential at being fun to play and grind with. With Path of Exile's unique gameplay system, there is a lot more factors and conditions to consider in coming up with a character build, even for a class as straightforward as the Marauder. However, something did come up with the Lightning Cleaver, and it's quite a treat to say the least.


Your primary skill Cleave is rather unique in that it can be used with elemental damage and dual wield, letting you hit a target twice in one attack without reduction of the elemental damage in each weapon and being affected by dual wield penalty. The logic of this build is that by having a base of Cleave and Blood Magic, and supported by 6 auras, you can have a build that can stand up to almost anything, be good in both solo and group play, be flexible in your choices of gear, and provide a solid foundation for whatever else you want to do in the game.Strengths and Weaknesses

The major advantage of this build is that it gives you very high HP and damage, despite what your gear may be. It can also let you overcome any map mod and is also good for playing with others since you have 6 aura and shock stacks to keep them happy. You get all of this in a package that is easy to play and understand, which is quite attractive to even the greenest of players. It certainly does have some weaknesses though like Lightning Thorns reflecting lots of damage and Whirling Blades being able to make your character desync rather easily. However, for everything that you do get with this build, those two weaknesses can somehow be managed.


The skill gem you need is obviously Cleave, along with  Blood Magic, Weapon Elemental Damage, Faster Attacks, Life Leech, and Elemental Proliferation. That's an active skill, a support skill, and 6 other support skills that give you auras that serve as your character build's foundation.

You then get the passive skills you need to build this up, including +250 to Strength, +140 to Dexterity, and +110 to Intelligence for your character stats. You then supplement your offense with  4% increased Attack Speed, 110% increased Elemental Damage with Weapons, 41% increased Elemental Damage, as well as 20% Chance to Shock the enemy on hit with Lightning Damage.

For defense, 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes is a good idea so that you can get more from your high HP. Your Keystones are Iron Reflexes, Resolute Technique, and Resolute Technique. Miscellaneous stuff like 30% increased Effect of Buffs on You, 20% increased Radius of Area Skills, 45% increased Shock Duration on enemies, and 8% increased Area Damage also help quite a bit.

You can then get as much elemental resistance as you can get, as well as 2.9% of Life Regenerated per Second, 321% increased maximum Life, and +60 to maximum Life to get as tanky as you can. This will let you survive just about anything you come across in the game. Remember that you can only deliver your massive damage if you can stay alive.