Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters Challenge Leagues

The new mini-expansion for Path of Exile has finally come, and players have been anticipating its arrival with much excitement. But it's more than just new features and PoE items as Grinding Gear Games are adding two new challenge leagues for those daring enough to give them a go.

The Rampage and Beyond challenge leagues will have eight difficult challenges altogether that must be completed for some exclusive prizes. Those who finish five challenges will get a Challenger's Silver Halo helmet effect, and those who finish all of them will get the Challenger's Golden Halo helmet effect. The first 50 participants who can clear all eight of these challenges will each receive a limited edition Rampage/Beyond t-shirt straight from Grinding Gear Games.

These eight challenges are not for the feeble; they are for the toughest in all of Path of Exile. You must achieve a full clear in any difficulty, killing all the monsters in all 64 areas in all 3 acts. Along the way, you should kill all 34 unique bosses listed on the challenge, as well as all 13 interdimensional monstrosities in the Beyond league. These three are the challenges related to killing enemies in these leagues.

The second set of challenges are more on reaching levels. First is to reach level 65 with any class in either leagues, which should be easy enough if you're completing the aforementioned set. You must also reach all 13 Rampage Tiers in the Rampage league and reach level 8 with all 7 Masters that are introduced in this new mini-expansion.

The third set is more on the Path of Exile items. You must make use of all 23 currency items listed here, which you may make use of in the effort to own all 44 listed unique items. Once you've completed all three sets of these challenges, then you can truly call yourself the best in Path of Exile.