Path of Exile Eternal Orb and Its Drawbacks

There is no doubt at this point that Path of Exile is considered one of the best action role-playing games right now, mostly due to its innovative features and solid gameplay. The hardcore fanbase that it has is the backbone of this game's success, so it stands to reason that if the loyal PoE players have gripes regarding the game, then it is definitely something serious that the developers should seriously consider. In this case though, the crowd is divided and there may be a reason behind why Grinding Gear Games included it in the first place.

That is where the PoE item crafting system comes in, which has a glaring flaw that players have since debated on for quite a while now. Most of the crafting system itself is quite alright for the most part, letting players create new items from components picked up in farming runs or bought from other players through trade. Most of the crafting items are also currency items, and them being requirements for crafting is what keeps them the economy from experiencing inflation. That seems fair enough, but there's one crafting item that must be discussed about.

The Eternal Orb is a currency item that can be used to create an imprint of an item, which is for reverting the item to its former state if ever it gets altered by other currency items. In other words, it's a way to roll back changes done to an item through crafting. While this may seem to be a great idea for players to have, it actually raises questions regarding the future of Path of Exile, as well as the required element of risk in any kind of game, especially when it comes to having the best items possible.

What the Eternal Orb does is that it removes risk in the crafting process altogether, so players can just roll the dice repeatedly to get the best attributes on their item without much dire consequence. In turn, more people start doing it to their own items and even farm Eternal Orbs in order to keep doing it. This then results in the inflation and oversupply of the said item, as well as the flooding of higher quality items in the market. These are just some of the side effects to be had when such an item exists.

The creation of a strong item for prodigious use in combat is something that is put up to chance in most role-playing games with crafting systems. You assemble the required components of a recipe and assemble them through crafting, and it may have a chance of failure if it's a particularly powerful item. Removing this chance of failure makes the practice of crafting itself seem trivial, and ultimately routine. Being routine is something that crafting shouldn't be; it's supposed to be like a gamble that either pays off or doesn't; either black or white and nothing else in between.

So veteran players are now thinking that the Eternal Orb is a big mistake. But since it's in the game anyway, it will be used until it disappears if ever Grinding Gear Games does finally realize the implications of its continued existence in the game. It's not entirely game-breaking, most of the claims that it will destroy Path of Exile are rather exaggerated, and its place for top tier crafters is well-placed. Perhaps in time, we'll know if it truly is the bane of the game or merely something that needs time for full acceptance.