Path of Exile Elemental Buzzsaw Build

The power of the elements is overwhelming, especially to those who face its wrath. However, while tempting, many have failed in capture its fury, and even more have gained command but not its full respect. If you wish to become a tempest of destruction, then you'll have to do more than just imbue elemental damage on your attack and turn towards synergy since that's what the elements are all about. That's what the Elemental Buzzsaw build is for, and its application can be what separates novice elemental practitioners from the true masters.

The Elemental Buzzsaw became popular after the release of the Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion due to its speed and power. The foundation of this build is in the use of Spectral Throw with a fast weapon, augmented by two flat elemental damage auras -- Wrath and Anger. Attack speed and weapon elemental damage are the two most important mods for your gear, so focus on them above all else. Any weapon that can do 2 or more attacks per second is essential for this build, like a rapier with all the necessary slots. The higher the attack speed, the more damage you can do, which increases incrementally.

Due to Spectral Throw being your primary active skill, you'll have to support it with something like Lesser Multiple Projectiles,. Everything else should be along the lines of Faster Attacks and Weapon Elemental Damage to keep in line with the core of the build, while Life Leech and Blood Magic give you a nigh bottomless pool for using your skills constantly in battle. If you only have a 5-link item, then you may remove Faster Attacks if you need to.

It is recommended that you get the Alpha's Howl helmet for its +2 level bonus to Aura Gems, so it's where you should put in Wrath and Anger. It also gives you other bonuses like increased Evasion Rating and being immune from getting Frozen, which are both helpful. Since most of the damage for this build comes from Wrath and Anger, being able to scale up that flat damage with various bonuses is key, which then lets you hits as many enemies as possible with as much elemental damage as you can muster.

You can also add three more auras here to improve the build, such as Haste and two Purity auras. You can also add others like Grace for variation, although it's not entirely necessary. From this point on, you can start playing around and come up with your own variation that fits your needs. It's worth noting that Elemental Weakness curse is a great way to make this build even stronger since your offense is entirely of elemental damage, so this combination will surely make your attacks hit even harder.

Everything else beyond this is fortifying the character's survivability. Depending on the class chosen for this build, you can switch things around to your liking. The three best classes for this build are Scion, Shadow, and Ranger; they are best since speed is the key, and your defense here would be evasion-based. Having fewer points to dedicate to defense in the passive skill tree, evasion is more effective than armor in this case.