Path of Exile Elemental Animator Build

Commanding the elements is central to the concept of magic in Path of Exile. Everyone who has played the game for a significant amount of time has seen or played with the all-powerful Witch with tons of splash and AoE damage, killing enemies by the dozen. If you are interested in seeing something more interesting for a change, then perhaps you should look into this build called the Elemental Animator.

Basically, you raise weapons from fallen enemies for both protection and extra damage while you go through enemies like a literal hot knife through proverbial butter. These animated weapons are made strong by having elemental damage auras augment their offensive capabilities with fire and lightning damage, which are then amplified by a combination of Freezing Pulse and Elemental Proliferation. The result is a summoner that can cut through the mobs of enemies with an efficiency that is rare even for most other magic builds and such.

The central concept for the Elemental Animator is momentum, being able to move through the map without stopping and killing all enemies that get in the way. Some of the advantages of using this build are that it's very cheap, has really fast clear speeds once you do get moving, the animated weapons can provide a buffer that keeps you relatively safe, and you are protected by high level Arctic Armour, and you can easily level out of the build if you don't like it. Overall, it sounds like a pretty good idea, but not one that can be used without some careful consideration.

The cons to this build are that it is fairly easy to die if you have missing parts to the build, the Elemental Reflect can be bothersome in group play yet the build is also hard to level up if you do it solo, it does require some good life and mana regeneration gear, you can never ever stop or lose focus while clearing a map, the minions requite some high gems and/or Purity Aura if there's no Necromantic Aegis, and you can't just spam one key to kill them all. That's a lot of conditions attached to this build, so it's definitely not for beginners and needs a good bit of skill to use.

Animate Weapon is a wonderful skill that serves as the work horse for this build. Perhaps it could be buffed to see it used more by players, but it works great in this build nonetheless. Once you have it and the elemental auras down, all you need to do is just to have the really big support gems and keystones in order to get this build going.

It is a simple concept that can go a long way, and it also makes for a very interesting looking character who can kill by raising the weapons of fallen enemies with tons of elemental damage at insane speeds. If this is the kind of stuff you are into, then it is good to know that this build just needs some hard work and not much else.