Path of Exile Content Update 1.0.5

The new patch had just been implemented; another update to fine tune the game by fixing what needs to be fixed and improve what could to be improved. As announced before, the Holiday Present Sack will be removed with this update since it's no longer the Holidays. But to take its place are some pretty big additions to start off the year 2014 on a good note, which is most likely what Grinding Gear Games had intended in the first place.

First thing added is a support gem called Enlighten. At level 1, it doesn't really have any effect, but then gains it upon reaching level 2 and further. In the case of Enlighten, it significantly increases the percentage of experience gained by your active skill gems, which in turn will help you level up faster since you will have stronger active skills earlier on. Therefore, the effect of this new support gem should not be underestimated at all.

There are also four new unique Path of Exile items in this patch. One of them is the supporter-designed chain gloves called Shackles of the Wretched, which has some very interesting properties that could give rise to new character builds. For instance, upon being hit with a status ailment, you become immune to it for a few seconds. You can also use this item to curse yourself if you wish, which could then be used in combination with other effects in certain situations. This is one of those items that requires creativity and lateral thinking in order to maximize its potential, just as its flavor text "Captivity breeds creativity" suggests.

Other additions include a new vendor recipe that lets you trade a perfect quality Stone Hammer and any map for a Cartographer's Chisel. This lets players get a chisel much easier in exchange for a lower level map, a bit of trading, and some whetstones. There are also two new microtransaction effects in this patch, which includes a Medusa Head skin that lets you have a head full of writhing snakes to your character, as well as the Bell Lizard pet that follows you around with a bell on its back that jingles as it runs.

Finally, there is also Race Season Six, which will start on the Saturday on the week of deployment for the patch update. The signature event will be a 100 minute solo race with fixed seed, which will be unchanged throughout the season and with the map fully revealed as usual when concerning fixed seed races. If you have never joined a race yet, then now is the time to do so.

For what first seemed to be a small content update, patch 1.0.5 turned out to be quite a welcome for the new year. It's not the biggest patch, but it's not minor either, and it serves as encouragement for players in that the game will be continually supported and improved as time goes on. The year 2013 was quite momentous for Path of Exile as it was the year of the official release, but this should be an even better year as the game matures even more.