Path of Exile Arc Build

This Arc build has been taking Path of Exile by storm, due to its cheapness in terms of Path of Exile items, high level of HP, and ease of playability even on Solo runs. You should see mobs sizzle quickly and your grinding sessions go quicker compared to other builds if ever you choose to try out this build. Here are details about the build:

• Skills:

o Arc – your main offense and panic button
o Spell Echo – allows you to recast the Arc spell in succession but lesser damage
o Faster Casting – as the skill name implies
o Lightning penetration – allows Arc to bypass the target’s Lightning resistance
o Reduced Mana – since you have to spam Arc, then this is a must
o Clarity – same reason as above, enhances Mana regeneration
o Purity of Lightning – raises your own and party’s Lightning Resistance
o Herald of Thunder/Ice – speeds up mob clearing, enemies slain by the Herald deal AoE damage
o Curse on Hit – same reason as above
o Arctic Armour – boosts Physical and Fire resistance at the cost of Mana
o Enduring Cry – to store Endurance Charges
o Immortal Call – uses Endurance Charges to gain brief invulnerability, your main defense against bosses
o Lightning Warp – can be used as an offensive option (starter) or defensive option (to runaway)

• Equipment Guide

o Just 4 Links with added Lightning Damage, Life and Resistances! Any item with these attributes would do! No need to hunt for specific items!

• Pros

o Cheap in terms of Item costs
o Excellent AoE DPS
o No complex skill combo setups required, just spam Arc
o High level of survivability

• Cons

o Single targets would take a while to kill, given that your skills were designed for multiple targets

• Strategy

o It’s simple: just make sure your Heralds are ready and spam Arc like there’s no tomorrow.
o Whenever bosses or tougher enemies are spotted, spam Enduring Cry to get your Immortal Call ready
o When things get hair have a finger ready for Lightning Warp