Path of Exile 1.0.0 Upcoming Release Content

The impending release of Path of Exile is near, and there is much to be excited about. Not only is it a culmination of a very long beta stage that was largely successful, but also the start of a new chapter for the game. To get things started, Grinding Gear Games will be adding new content for everyone new and old to play with. This release content will be crucial as it will be what welcomes the game as an actual title to be respected in the world of MMORPGs, a genre known for being a large and risky investment.

Even upon release of 1.0.0, Path of Exile shall remain free-to-play with ethical microtransactions to keep it going. The game was built with that premise entirely in mind, and it continues to be an example throughout the game development world. The new release will bring new PoE items, gameplay features, and even Steam integration that will take the games to newer heights. There are some more things that are set to be added into the game upon release, and they are the following.

There will be new skills like Spectral Throw, Animate Weapon, and Animate Guardian that will provide new ways to fight in the game. To go with them, there will be new offensive trigger support gems like Curse On Hit for spells and attacks, Cast On Crit, and Cast on Melee Kill to add more varied dynamics to combat. As for defensive trigger support gems, there will be effects like Cast on Death, Cast when Damage Taken, and Cast when Stunned so enemies don't get away scot free. There will also be reverse effect support gems like Slower Projectiles and Reduced Duration to keep things interesting.

With the release of the game, the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues that was first put up back in June will finally end. New leagues named Domination and Nemesis will replace them, both having their own challenges like with Anarchy and Onslaught. They will also have their own new Path of Exile items, both basic and unique to pick up, use, and trade. Each league will have its own features and characteristics, and players will be able to get rewards for going through them at either their own capacity or with other players.

Domination focuses on powerful Shrines that are spread throughout Wraeclast, each being guarded by powerful monsters that are influenced by their power and are made stronger by them. Tagging a shrine will give you the same powerful bonuses for a short period of time. Getting there won't be easy though since the monsters won't let you have it easily at all, and they are quite formidable. Meanwhile, Nemesis focuses on rare monsters that are substantially more powerful than normal ones, and they draw their power from mods taken from the Nemesis Pool. Some of the challenges include killing one of them with each Nemesis mod.

These are only some of the things that you can expect once Path of Exile is finally released. It took Grinding Gear Games years to get to this point, and the only way that players and fans can show their appreciation for all of their hard work is to play as much of it and have fun with all of the things that have been added to the game.