Party on With Path of Exile and Play with Your Friends

Gaming can help you meet people from around the world who share the same passion as you do, which can be super awesome. You can marvel at the various different strategies that each player takes, and you can also start to see patterns emerge from how people from different countries approach problems. However, sometimes it's just more fun to play the game with your friends. You already have the inside jokes, the history and the connection to make it more fun. You can play in the same room so you can hear the trash talking right then and there, or you can play from wherever you are and then talk about it when you meet up later on. This is an especially great option for high school friends who are away at college, or even those just on vacation with their families.

Path of Exile has reeled players in with its dark worlds and complex story lines. Wraeclast definitely has a lot of mysteries, and an extremely eventful past. Creatures more hideous than anything you can dream up roam around guarding treasures. You can share all of this and more with up to 5 other friends in a 'party.' You'll need to click the Notice Board, which you can find in town or just click the button labeled S which stands for Social. This also allows you to start playing the game in different ways. For example, you can team up with your party in this mode to immobilize the monsters because you're using a collective force rather than a singular action. Much like real life, your friends are there to help you face a challenge. You'll also find advantages in terms of Experience levels, flasks, and loot. For landing a killing blow in a party, you'll likely be able to pick up an extra flask. Map dropping is not effected directly from playing in a party, but it is indirectly because it's based on the number of items you have. The more items you're able to pick up in a party, the better your chances are that the map will drop and you can more easily find your way through the world. This can help you build your way up in the game even faster so you can get to new levels and see more of what the game has to offer.

RPGs have increased in popularity over the years, and those who find their favorite tend to stick with it. Still, sometimes you want to try a change, and Path of Exile has created a dark and complex world for you explore. There's nothing bright or babyish with any of their graphics, and the key is that they want you to be able to play it over and over again without having the same experience twice. Meet the monsters, find the treasure and share it all with your friends (either real or virtual.) Video games played in moderation give us the chance to escape from everyday life, if only for a moment, so that we can better handle the sometimes gritty reality we face on a daily basis.

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