Nine Essential Path of Exile Vendor Recipes

There are way too many games these days that try to incorporate some sort of crafting mechanic to deepen their gameplay, but few have ever come close to how Path of Exile has made use of its crafting. Not only are crafting useful in this game because they can be used to craft, but they are also currency. This means that due to being useful for other than trade, inflation is mitigated and lesser craft PoE items that players outgrow still have purpose and value.

While that in itself is brilliant, crafting here still has the flaws that keep it from being welcoming, especially for those who may not be that good with retaining such details. Crafting for some players is a daunting task that requires digging up information in some wiki every single time. Therefore, to make things a lot easier, here are 9 recipes for crafting important Path of Exile items.

Vaal Orb

This is perhaps one of the most important recipes in the game, although it doesn't get that much attention. Basically, selling 7 Vaal Skill Gems and 1 Sacrifice at Dawn, Dusk, or Noon nets you a single Vaal Orb. Don't use Sacrifice at Midnight for this recipe as it doesn't work and would be a waste.

If you don't know what Vaal Orbs are for yet, they're for corrupting items. It modifies items in different ways, like changing one or more sockets to white, give properties only available through Vaal Orbs, turn item into a rare one with 6 affixes and random sockets, give six links, or do absolutely nothing. Due to this risky yet powerful crafting property, they're incredibly valuable in the game.

40% Quality

This is for quality enhancing currency such as blacksmith's whetstones, armorer's scraps, cartographer's chisels, and gemcutter's prisms. Sell armor for scraps, weapons for whetstones, maps for chisels, and skill gems for prisms.

You need armor, weapons, maps, and/or flasks with a total quality of 40% or more for this to work. Take note to not use gems with quality of over 10% since you'd rather sell them for better returns.

Cartographer's Chisel

Sell 1 Stone Hammer, Rock Breaker, or Gavel (except Mjolner) plus any map (level 66 maps should do) to a vendor to get a chisel. Simply put, this is for improving the quality of maps, so it's definitely a recipe you'd want to make use of.

Map Upgrade

This one is obviously important, like with the Cartographer's Chisel. Three maps of the same level lets you have a map with one level higher, simple as that. The maps have to all be of the same area for the recipe to work, like 3 level 66 Grotto maps to yield a level 67 map.

Physical/Spell Damage

This is also obviously important as well, unless you don't like having more damage for some reason. This is great if you're leveling up a new character since it lets you get better weapons for little investment. For physical damage, have a weapon go with a blacksmith's whetstone and a rustic sash. The physical damage is dependent on the rarity of the rustic sash.

As for spell damage, you need a dagger, sceptre, wand, or staff to go with a blacksmith's whetstone and a chain belt. Like with physical damage, how much you get here is dependent on the rarity of the belt.

+1 to Gem Level

This is handy for boosting the levels of skill gems, giving +1 to the level of fire, lighting, or cold gems mod to a Path of Exile item. The recipe is to take a magic wand or scepter, either a Ruby (fire), Topaz (lightning), or Sapphire (cold) Ring, and an Orb of Alteration.

Block Chance Reduction Gem

This is great for PvP since you need as much defensive capability as you can. Sell 1 dexterity-based shield with 20% quality along with a puncture gem to get this item.

Level 20 Skill Gem

If you have some currency to spare while leveling up, then this recipe should do you good. Get any level 20 gem and combine it with a gemcutter's prism. You'll get a level 1 gem with 20% quality. May seem like a bit of a waste, but that 20% quality is more than worth the investment.

Skill Gem Level Reduction

Perhaps you may find yourself in situations when your skill gem is a level or two too high. Believe it or not, that does happen in this game, so you should take the skill gem and an Orb of Scouring to a vendor to do this rather odd yet useful recipe.