Getting Rich in Path of Exile

The unique economic system in Path of Exile tends to intimidate beginners due to the in-game money not being gold, but more on currency items that are also useful for crafting and other purposes. This bartering system with valuable Path of Exile items does quite a lot for the game's economy, such as being able to keep inflation in check and so on. However, becoming rich in this game is not as easy as just collecting tons of gold, but it's not as hard as most would think as well.

First thing you really need is the determination and discipline to actually grind it out. However, do note that you're looking for specific things while you farm and not just straight-up grinding with no rhyme or reason. But this isn't just about farming, but also making use of other aspects of the game in order to gain wealth in the game. Gaining deep knowledge is very helpful in this process though, so don't feel like you don't need to play more of the game in order to reach your goal here.

Most people think that the way to become wealthy in this game is through trading, but that's not the case here. Perhaps when you pick up a really good item during your farming runs that you don't really need, you can trade it for highly valuable currency items, but that's it. The path that this guide shall focus on is using recipes, which can actually help you gain wealth as the game intends you to. Learning these recipes will let you dig deeper into the game and get rich at the same time.

The first recipe you must know is the Chaos Orb recipe. It's simply selling a set of rare gear to a vendor, which gives you a Chaos Orb in exchange. That means you need a helmet, body armour, gloves, boots, belt, amulet, 2 rings, and either a two-handed weapon, a one-handed weapon with a shield, or two one-handed weapons that are all rare. However, the items must be at least level 60, so you have to check if your item is within that requirement. You can do this by selecting the item in your inventory, then entering the "/itemlevel" command in chat to see that items' levels. Selling them all at once gives you one Chaos Orb.

There's also the Regal Orb recipe, which is basically the same thing as the Chaos Orb recipe, but with a set of rare items that are at least level 75. With both the Chaos and Regal Orb recipes, you can get more by having them all unidentified; 2 Orbs if they're all unidentified or all 20% quality, and 3 Orbs if they're all identified and 20% quality at the same time. When you're at a higher level, you can accumulate wealth through farming rare items, which you can then collect and store in your stash in order to vendor later on.

If you have rare items that are below level 60, then don't fret as you can still get Orbs of Chance when you sell a set of rare items that are level 1 to 59. The same rules apply as well for getting multiple Orbs of Chance at the same time. It's also important to organize your stash in order to get to these rare items easily. Just rename each tab according to item type in order to not be confused when it's time to cash in.