Diablo 3 Inferno Witch Doctor Guide

The Witch Doctor is perhaps the most unique among the character classes in Diablo 3, especially with how it dishes out damage. There is much potential in farming Diablo 3 gold and items with this class, and it's a good fit for almost any party. If you want to survive in Inferno, then you may want to learn more about this build.

Spirit Walk with Mana Regeneration rune is an amazing skill that should be your bread-and-butter, especially with how your movement speed gets increased and lets you absorb damage up to 50% of your health. It also regenerates 30% of your mana in around 2 seconds due to the rune, so this makes it great for kiting and defense. As your main attack, you should have Poison Dart with the Splinters rune, which does 180% weapon damage when all 3 darts hit. The low mana cost and high burst damage makes it great for killing both mobs and bosses, so it's a no-brainer to choose this as your primary. For the only AoE attack for this build, Wall of Zombies with the Pile On rune has very high damage, but also pretty long cool down. It does look really cool though, but is also pretty hard to aim. But when it says it has very high damage, that's what it has with 765% weapon damage.

You have to deal with the 25-second cool down though, so you need to be careful on aiming it in order to make the most of it. You may want to use another skill instead of this, but the damage gives this skill a pretty good case for having a place in this build. A good strategy is to use Hex for crowd control in order to aim this skill at the target better. Once you hit them with the zombies, there's no turning back for them. There's also Grasp of the Dead with the Unrelenting Grip rune that gives it 80% Slow.

This should be your main crowd control skill, and it's great for kiting mobs and bosses alike. The additional slow makes this especially good for setting up Wall of Zombies against mobs, which definitely makes the fight easier. You can also use this against Treasure Goblins, so you can slow them down and kill them for more Diablo 3 gold and items. Hex with the Healing rune is quite underrated, but is really good. For dealing with the really hard enemies in Inferno, this is nigh indispensable. This is good for setting up bosses for your Wall of Zombies, and the Heal rune gives you an instant heal of around 1800 HP, so this is very good for Inferno success and survivability.

Finally, there's Horrify with the Extra Radius rune for more coverage. This is yet another crowd control that you can press like a panic button in order to stay alive when you're in the middle of an adverse situation. This doesn't really work on bosses though, so only use this against mobs and champion packs, which helps in farming D3 gold and items.