Diablo 3 Gold Farming Guide: Alcarnus Town Cellar

I bet a lot of you players are searching the Internet for specific Diablo 3 Gold and item grinding advice. A lot of veteran players are not letting the public know about their strategies or only exposing these secrets on community websites because they do not want Blizzard Entertainment to patch over these discoveries. The developers will eventually apply hot fixes to these areas that players farm in, but you are reading this to get some tips before they patch it up, right? Let’s get to it.

This post will focus on the Alcarnus Town Cellar which has a chest filled with loot. The quickest method of reaching this place is to switch the active quest to “City of Blood: Lair of the Witch” (the second Act). Starting from the waypoint, move northeast. Before you enter the entrance to “The Lair of the Witch”, don’t forget to trigger the waypoint in front of it. The way in to the Town Cellar can be found by going south. You have a 50/50 chance of encountering either a closed or open entrance.

The good news is that the checkpoint is not too far away, so if you need to start the quest all over again, it will just take half a minute to exit the scene and reset the game by entering the checkpoint. You will normally get to pick up 3 blue items, and you will almost always receive potions, gold, flawless games, and rare yellow items.

When you are farming the chest, you can optimize your efforts by equipping items that have the “+ Magic Find” ability, and skills for improved movement speed. On a productive gaming/farming session, you may obtain items that will give you a “+150 Magic Find” ability. This means that you have better opportunities to pick up better items later on.

In the Auction house, search with the keywords “Indestructible” and “Magic Find”. It is a good idea to buy or pick up Indestructible items if you lose your life often, and I can imagine you would die more often if you play on higher difficulty levels without powerful items or help from other players.

If you are attempting this farming tip on the Inferno or Hell difficulties, maybe it will be better for you to make a mad dash for the entrance to the cellar, get the contents of the chest, and hope that you make it out alive. If the entrance to the cellar is closed or not there, you can try to fight all the evils, but you will most likely lose your life just the same.

Quick tip: when you enter the cellar, the enemies will give you a 10 second head start before they pounce. If you power up your skills for faster movement speed, you can quickly establish a town portal close to the chest so you can live to fight another gaming session.

This tactic to quickly farm D3 gold is an efficient yet dangerous thing to try, which you can attempt to accomplish within 60 seconds of you know what you’re doing. Because you can easily get over 50,000g by trading those good and rare items by making use of this farming trick on the Inferno difficulty setting, it is well worth the risk and reward. Shop at the Auction House and check the prices for rare items at level 60 to see how expensive these products are. This also applies to set and legendary items that are on level 60, because you will spend A LOT to get them.