Current State of Path of Exile and Criticism

As with any online game that persists for a significant period of time, Path of Exile has had its share of both fans and detractors. These aren't merely basing their opinion on the game by speculation and hearsay, but with actual playing experience and verified information. To say that the Path of Exile community is confusing would be an understatement as there is both love and hate for this action role-playing game by Grinding Gear Games.

When the game first came out, it showed tons of promise and was praised for both its innovative approach and admirable business model from its characters, to leagues and POE items. It has been quite a while since those days, and the continued development of Path of Exile right now is not without criticism. Many say that the developers now favor quantity over quality to keep more players coming while not addressing the issues that fans demand more attention on. It seems that the game is slowly heading down a spiral.

Path of Exile is a game built on complication; it was meant to be deep and thick in its technical aspects. The gameplay has systems on systems that leave even some of the most hardcore players out there a bit dazed and confused. Casual gamers who have grown to know better wouldn't even try to understand it, which is alright since action role-playing games don't require that much brainpower at once to play anyway.

Despite that, it does take much brainpower to truly understand and plan for. Much of the gameplay revolves around game knowledge, rewarding players who know deep down what Path of Exile items are good for, which builds are best for killing Uber Atziri, and so on. Such hardcore fans are more qualified than most who complain about how Grinding Gear Games has just been stacking one content update over another to cover up whatever is missing or broken in the base game.

There may still be some room for optimism here since the game still has a player base and does a lot of things right. The vocal minority may seem discouraging for the most part, but just about anything in this world that matters gets similar sentiments anyway. Any developer or creator would get bogged down if they look at and address every single complaint about their product, so it's understandable that they're doing what they can to distance themselves from the noise.

But when considering most of those complaints are on their own official forums, things do get a bit dicey. They can't really ignore that, but they also can't let them get in the way of their continued efforts. Whether you think the game is still good or they've just turned it into a full-fledged ATM machine, you have to at least acknowledge that their job has been quite difficult over the years, but they still do it anyway.

When Path of Exile was first shown to the world, it was touted to be the next revolutionary step in the action role-playing game genre, taking much from its predecessors while twisting the conventions a bit to come up with something new and unique. That's not bad at all, but it does take work to keep at it and add new stuff without straying from that vision. Whether you think they're losing the plot or not, Path of Exile is what it is due to that philosophy.