Best Grinding or Farming Spots for Path of Exile

Grinding or Farming is a process where you take your character to a specific spot and kill the same creatures over and over again for experience and excellent loot. If you have played any MMORPG prior to Path of Exile, then you know by now that not all areas or dungeons are good for grinding or farming. There would be specific areas where mobs are easy to kill, yield a good amount of experience points and possibly even drop great equipment that can be either equipped or sold for in-game currency. This article would discuss some of the best spots for your character to advance quicker in the game.

- The Ledge - everyone would agree that The Ledge is the best spot for Act I. This area can be found at the latter part of the Act and is pretty straight forward, it's impossible to get lost. Loads of Ancient Archers, Cannibals, and Rattling Bones can be found here and they are all relatively easy to kill. They yield a good amount of experience and you can stockpile the blue/yellow items to build your Path of Exile Currency Items?potential. Another special note here is that Rare Mobs can be found here so you can acquire decent equipment for your Exile early.

- Fellshrine Ruins - once you move on to Act II, then Fellshrine is your next stop. The creatures that spawn here are not that dangerous, only the Hulking Titan may give a bit of trouble for non-melee characters due to its high HP and strong melee attacks. Your inventory may get full really quick with blues and yellows so make sure to clear your inventory before starting the grinding run and entering the Church Portal because Fellshrine does not have its own.

You may wish to raid The Church to extend each run if you wish for more experience and loots since Fellshrine and The Church are connected.

- The Docks you would find this place from the Battlefront exit in Act III. This area has a central area that branch out to all directions, with higher and lower paths for your Exile to explore. It may be a good idea to train your character to at least level 60 before grinding here, the Voidbearer poses a great threat to your Exile's wellbeing. The place is littered mostly with undead pirates and may drop equipment to build your Exile's elemental resistances. The key to this area is to scour the area for blue and yellow mobs.

Lunaris and Marketplace would be the best alternatives to farm in Act III but The Docks would still be the best choice overall in terms of experience and loots. Remember, your focus is to kill mobs, specially blue and yellow mobs quickly and as many times as you can to push your Exile's growth quicker. Some areas like the docks have locations or dead ends that have pretty much nothing. Try a few runs and once you get the hang of it then raiding them efficiently would be far easier.