Additional Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Features and Changes

With Reaper of Souls, the upcoming expansion for Diablo 3, just around the corner, players and fans are standing by in anticipation as Blizzard does its best to improve the game even more. Their announcement of the Auction House's impending removal was quite a surprise since they had invested time and money in its design, but it showed just how much Blizzard is willing to do in order to make Diablo 3 the best game it can ever be at this stage. Reaper of Souls is set to give even more features to the game itself, but it's more than just the new stuff. There are also other features that have not gotten enough press, and here are three of them to answer those questions.


One of the complaints about Diablo 3 was that there weren't enough customization options to alter the characters' appearances, unlike that of many other RPGs these days. This has been addressed by Blizzard with the introduction of Transmogrifying, a way to alter the appearance of items by taking that of another item. You can make your weapons and armor look much better this way, so your character looks good while wearing them, and you can still dye them like how you would with regular items.

A good use for this feature is if you have a legendary weapon, and you want to dual wield two of them. But that's impossible since you can only wear one specific legendary item at a time. You can look as if you are dual wielding the same legendary weapon now though by transmogrifying your other weapon to look like your legendary, so you can make your character look really good that way.

When you transmogrify an item, its appearance will carry over even when you trade it to someone else. If you don't want the look you worked for to fall into other players' hands, then you better be sure about transmogrifying your items before you actually do it. It's a decision that's supposed to hold weight, as Blizzard explained.

Removal of Life Steal

While there are many additions, there's also one that will be removed. Life Steal is an effect that people have been talking about as imbalanced, and Blizzard has decided that it will eventually be removed from the game. Instead, class skills with life steal will have it replaced with either heal by flat rate, heal by percentage of total health points, life on hit, health globe healing bonus, or life for fury spent.

As for items with life steal, Blizzard is still deliberating on how to do it properly. For now, what is known is that it will have decreasing effect at higher levels, and it will no longer work when you reach level 70 in the expansion.

Paragon 2.0

The current Paragon system is alright, but it does get monotonous after a while. Blizzard has then decided that they can improve it by revamping the whole system in the expansion. Instead of just gaining levels to earn more Gold and Magic Find bonuses, you gain Paragon Points that you can then allocate into stats. Those stats are divided into four categories, which are Core Stats, Offensive, Defensive, and Adventure.