5 Places to Read Path of Exile Guides

With Path of Exile being a game that seems to just keeps on growing, more and more players come in to try it out. Most of them don't have any prior knowledge about the game, so they may need some guides and resources to supplement their learning of the game. Since Path of Exile is such a community-driven game, there have been plenty of guides out there for helping out novice, intermediate, and advanced players with just about anything and everything. That's all good, but you must first know where to look.

Path of POE

There are a few Path of Exile build guide websites out there, and Path of POE is perhaps the best independent website right now. They have user-submitted builds that are then voted on in terms of their efficacy and other qualities by the community.

Each build guide gives detailed information on what it's good and bad at, the skills and gems you have to take, the best Path of Exile items for it, how to level it up as you go, and so on. It also has a great search function so you can see which builds are the best and which are the more novel and less used ones.


Daniel Coutts-Smith is an Australian media producer who goes by the name "ZiggyD". He started out with other games, but then became one of the foremost content creators for Path of Exile. His websitehas a good amount of Path of Exile guides.

His YouTube channel is also a fantastic gaming resource, with great Path of Exile video guides among tons of content for other games. This includes his comprehensive Survival Guide that has become one of the very best resources for beginners to learn the game.

Path of Exile Subreddit

One of the biggest online Path of Exile community hubs is the PoE subreddit (http://reddit.com/r/pathofexile), where Path of Exile players and fans like to talk just about anything related to the game, from news to builds to even funny things about the game. There's an FAQ and other useful links to resources and tools on the sidebar to get you started.

If your questions are still unanswered by them, then you can create a post to ask other players what's up. You can also learn a lot from just looking at other people's posts as there tends to be a lot of discussion that goes on in the comments.

Path of Exile Official Forums

Finally, the most important Path of Exile resource of them all is the official forums themselves. All serious Path of Exile players definitely visit these forums for many reasons, including news and updates on the game, interaction with other serious players, discussion over gameplay and lore, and user-created guides for various things in the game.

You can find a multitude of build guides and other content that are usually updated to the most recent patch and/or expansion. If it's in the game, then the Path of Exile forums certainly has it. The best thing with these forums is that the developers in Grinding Gear Games themselves also like to interact with the players as well.


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