Speeding Up Delivery of Items

When you choose one of the following payment methods,

You can help speed up delivery of your items by,

  1. Sending an email to support@d2legit.com
    We will respond quickly to provide you with our mailing address.
  2. In the Subject Line of your email include either...
    MONEY ORDERsend email now
    orWESTERN UNIONsend email now
    orPERSONAL CHECKsend email now
    orCASHsend email now
  3. For each Item always include...
    • Realm Name
    • Item Name
    • Price
    • Is this a special?
  4. Don't forget
    • your chosen Payment Method
    • your Mailing Address
*Allow up to 7 days for a personal check over $25 to clear.