As a Path of Exile beginner, you may have played with a melee character, and then perhaps a ranged combat character. The logical next step after those is a caster, but that is when a lot of casual players become apprehensive as magic characters usually have a lot less health to balance out the tremendous offensive capabilities. This is something that need not be tough as playing casters can definitely make your gameplay experience much richer.
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Gaming can help you meet people from around the world who share the same passion as you do, which can be super awesome. You can marvel at the various different strategies that each player takes, and you can also start to see patterns emerge from how people from different countries approach problems. However, sometimes it's just more fun to play the game with your friends. You already have the inside jokes, the history and the connection to make it more fun.
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Since Path of Exile was launched in Closed Beta back in 2011, around 50 million characters were created. That is a lot of unique character names that had to to be thought up on the spot. Of course, many of those characters would then be abandoned, as is usual with any online role-playing game. Those inactive characters occupy space in the server, along with their names that other players may want to claim but can't.
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The genre of massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG, has been a mainstay in gaming for quite some time now since its surge in mainstream popularity back in the early and mid 2000s. While the days of just about every game being developed are copies of that model are now mostly past, just about every online RPG that comes out these days, including Path of Exile, are being called MMORPGs. However, that genre name does not fit this game very well.
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June 21, 2015 - Blog : Path of Exile Arc Build
This Arc build has been taking Path of Exile by storm, due to its cheapness in terms of Path of Exile items, high level of HP, and ease of playability even on Solo runs. You should see mobs sizzle quickly and your grinding sessions go quicker compared to other builds if ever you choose to try out this build.
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June 5, 2015 - News : We're buying Path of Exile items!

Hey guys, want to hear something awesome? Well, we need help and you stand a chance to earn something by doing your part!

If you have any Path of Exile items featuring alternate artwork, which are mostly from race rewards, then we would like to hear from you. We are willing to pay well for whatever you are willing to provide us, as long as it is what we are asking for.

If you're not really a racing player yet in PoE, then perhaps now is the time for you to try it out. To get race rewards, you simply need to get ranked in a race. To do that, you need to collect reward points to increase your chances. You can try to be the highest level player in a particular race and/or pull off achievements like being the first to reach level goals, as well as complete certain quests and clear areas of monsters before anybody else in that race.

Once you have items with alternate artwork that you may not use for yourself, please email us at with details on your items. We can then iron things out and make the trade as smoothly and safely as possible.

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June 1, 2015 - News : Diablo 2 Ladder Season 16 Updates!

Our Diablo 2 Season 16 Ladder Reset competition is coming to an end, congratulations to those that won some prizes, and thank you to all those that participated! We will see you again next Ladder Reset!

Now some Diablo 2 updates, we're already selling all sort of Unique items, Runes, Runewords, and Magic Charms on NEW Ladder. Stock is limited, so be sure to grab anything that suits you before they runs out!

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All Exiles need the best Path of Exile items: that’s a fact. A keen eye for shopping PoE items would be the next most important skill that you develop and master. There’s nothing more disappointing (and infuriating) other than to buy an item only to find out that the modifiers are mediocre and that you could’ve purchased the same item with higher stats for the same price, or selling an item for a very low price when you could have fetched more Currency items for your item.
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May 26, 2015 - News : The Race is On!

Diablo 2 realms are down! And so it begins, the Ladder reset process has begun. Our Ladder Reset Competition starts the moment the realms return, so pay attention! We'll be keeping track of which prizes have been claimed so far at the links below. If you're thinking about going for something, be sure to check there to make sure the prize is still available.

USEast Softcore Expansion

USWest Softcore Expansion

Europe Softcore Expansion

Asia1 Softcore Expansion

To claim your prize, you will send an email to with the following information: 

Prize you believe you qualify for:
Mule account:
Mule account password:
PayPal or coupon:
PayPal email (if you opted for PayPal cashout):

A supervisor will verify your eligibility and that you have met the criteria necessary to claim a prize within an hour. If all is good, you will be awarded your prize and we will take back control of the mule account. 

And as a reminder, for Leveling competitionYou MUST create your character on a mule account that you received from a order no earlier than November 26th, 2014. Characters created on other accounts will not be accepted. If you do not have a D2Legit mule account, you can get one for free with any purchase of at least one item. For Item Collector competition, you're not required to have a D2Legit mule account, you can leave the item(s) on any mule account! Good luck!

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It's about time for our seasonal Race to the Top - Diablo 2 Ladder Season 16 Reset Competition! Come on in and join the rush, with over $20,000 worth of prizes, some of which can be won just playing the game and picking up loot. We're also offering cash payout in case you prefer to collect your prize in CASH! Spread the word and get in with the action! See below for more details:

Competitions for 4 Softcore Expansion Ladder Realms:

1. USEast Softcore Expansion Ladder
2. USWest Softcore Expansion Ladder
3. Europe Softcore Expansion Ladder
4. Asia-1 Softcore Expansion Ladder

Bonuses for achievements and item finds!

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