November 24, 2015 - News : The Race is On!

Diablo 2 realms are down! And so it begins, the Ladder reset process has begun. Our Ladder Reset Competition starts the moment the realms return, so pay attention! We'll be keeping track of which prizes have been claimed so far at the links below. If you're thinking about going for something, be sure to check there to make sure the prize is still available.

USEast Softcore Expansion

USWest Softcore Expansion

Europe Softcore Expansion

Asia1 Softcore Expansion

To claim your prize, you will send an email to with the following information: 

Prize you believe you qualify for:
Mule account:
Mule account password:
PayPal or coupon:
PayPal email (if you opted for PayPal cashout):

A supervisor will verify your eligibility and that you have met the criteria necessary to claim a prize within an hour. If all is good, you will be awarded your prize and we will take back control of the mule account. 

And as a reminder, for Leveling competitionYou MUST create your character on a mule account that you received from a order no earlier than May 24th, 2015. Characters created on other accounts will not be accepted. If you do not have a D2Legit mule account, you can get one for free with any purchase of at least one item. For Item Collector competition, you're not required to have a D2Legit mule account, you can leave the item(s) on any mule account! Good luck!

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November 21, 2015 - News : So there are more prizes up for grabbed!

Make sure you check the updated Ladder Reset Competition post here because we are adding a lot more entries for both Leveling & Item Collector!

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There are way too many games these days that try to incorporate some sort of crafting mechanic to deepen their gameplay, but few have ever come close to how Path of Exile has made use of its crafting. Not only are crafting useful in this game because they can be used to craft, but they are also currency. This means that due to being useful for other than trade, inflation is mitigated and lesser craft PoE items that players outgrow still have purpose and value.
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It's about time for our seasonal Race to the Top - Diablo 2 Ladder Season 17 Reset Competition! Come on in and join the rush, with over $20,000 worth of prizes, some of which can be won just playing the game and picking up loot. We're also offering cash payout in case you prefer to collect your prize in CASH! Spread the word and get in with the action! See below for more details:

Competitions for 4 Softcore Expansion Ladder Realms:

1. USEast Softcore Expansion Ladder
2. USWest Softcore Expansion Ladder
3. Europe Softcore Expansion Ladder
4. Asia-1 Softcore Expansion Ladder

Bonuses for achievements and item finds!

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October 31, 2015 - Blog : Path of Exile Soulthirst Season
It's time again for yet another new race season in Path of Exile. This time, it's the Soulthirst season, named after the unique belt that's being made of it. They've also stated that "Soulthirst" may not be the permanent name and that it may change, but let's call it Soulthirst anyway. It takes a lot from the previous Emberwake and Bloodgrip race events in that they were also themed after specific Path of Exile items.
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October 21, 2015 - Blog : Path of Exile Hideouts Guide
There have been a lot of features added to Path of Exile, even before The Awakening expansion came out. Grinding Gear Games continually keep the game fresh while still maintaining its free-to-play status, and that certainly doesn't seem like it has been easy. But with a loyal player base that has kept coming back for more, there'd be so much to work for. One of those additions is the inclusion of Hideouts, which gives each player his/her own personal town of sorts.
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September 28, 2015 - Blog : Path of Exile Divination Cards
Another one of the great things about Path of Exile is that the developers are always introducing new things into the game to keep it fresh and interesting. Recently with The Awakening expansion, Grinding Gear Games had introduced something called Divination Cards that now has players digging in.
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Among all the character classes in Path of Exile, the most malleable one would be the Scion, the game's so-called prestige class. There is indeed some prestige to be had with making use of her unique position on the passive skill tree and other qualities that make her such a fun class to play around with. This character build right here is for making use of her as a damage machine, getting up to 87K DPS with an active skill known as Spectral Throw.
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August 23, 2015 - Blog : 5 Places to Read Path of Exile Guides
With Path of Exile being a game that seems to just keeps on growing, more and more players come in to try it out. Most of them don't have any prior knowledge about the game, so they may need some guides and resources to supplement their learning of the game. Since Path of Exile is such a community-driven game, there have been plenty of guides out there for helping out novice, intermediate, and advanced players with just about anything and everything.
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The launch of the 2.0 update has opened up new possibilities in Path of Exile, including new interesting builds that could have old players come back to the game and new players intrigued. Some of these new build possibilities may only make sense if the player has had some significant experience with building different kinds of characters, while others are easy enough to understand for anyone who is familiar enough with action role-playing game concepts in general.
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